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Technology  A Game Changer

When I took interest in technology, little did I know I will make a career out of it! I have always wanted to be a medic, but the then new waves of the millennia blew chilling winds my direction and that made me fall in love in an area enigmatic and yet exciting. I quickly dash the aspiration to be a medic and started chasing the wind of good tide and fortune. Ever since, I have come to realise how interesting the path I have chosen can also contribute to changing the world.



As a young boy I spotted a gap in the market, with the help of a close family friend, I set up a campus software development business mainly involved in database related applications, providing extra support for fellow students needing assistance in learning interpretive and translation programming languages. (GWBASICS, FORTRAN, COBOL, VB, MySQL, Access, etc.,)



Following the test of the potential in my newly found interest and career path and some corporate work experience under my belt, I decided to further my career in computing and choose University of Abertay Dundee for a BSC to complement my Higher National Diploma in Computer Science. After graduation, I landed a job in the Oil rich City of Aberdeen in software development in the service industry, but this time now developing in object-oriented programming languages.



They say curiosity killed the cat, in my case, it was curiosity added spring to my steps and I decided I wanted diversification of career path within the IT industry. I took on the challenge of systems administration, business operations support and analysis, then the urge to do more, give something back to the industry and contribute to transforming the industry springs to mind. I chose advancement in my career by taking on further education enhancement in leadership and management. I studied MSC IT management at the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen and at the same time working across various industries.



As my personal life has been transformed by this game changer called technology that has also largely changed how the world around us operates with constructive and disruptive inventions, mesmerising business operating models, corporate enterprise InfoTech in our pockets, etc.



The big question now is what is next?

Glimpse of what to come: Collaboration, Leadership and technology, Career aspiration and New technology application in the energy sector, Others to follow, etc,.



Keep reviewing this site and watch this space for subsequent updated and tantalising read of the next chapter.

Written by: Theo I



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