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EITS is an Information Technology Management Consultancy and Digital Advisory Service Provider.

We harness technology (SMAC-IT) for business profitability and operational excellence.

Specialise in the delivery of cost-effective best-in-class services.

From Start-up to Enterprise, we are with you all the way.

Say no to COVID - we are all in it together ...

Together with partners, we are bringing to the market several smart IoT technologies services solutions  to help the fight against Coronavirus. (COVID-19) Check out our COVID Safer workplace page for more information and how you can acquire this solutions. 

Transforming Businesses

We put our customers and philosophy at the centre of everything we do. They guide our behaviours and provide the foundations for our services.

Data analytics and AI
We are pacesetters in modern practices and digital service Innovation.

Our Modus Operandi

Customer centric technology delivery strategy
Our customers are at the heart of what we do.
ICT and Digital Partnership and Collaboration
Find out more - We celebrate our customers' successes.

Collaboration & Partnership

Expertise InfoTech Services Promoting Collaboration

We are at the forefront of modern information technology practices.



We align people, processes and technology for customer value, business and operational excellence.

Quality does not always mean breaking the bank.  We ensure peace  of mind, innovative solutions and best practices.

Bring us in, bring it together and bring the dream to life.

Digital Ops

Expertise infotech services operational service offering
Operational Service Offering

Web & digital

EITS Digital service offering
Enablement Service Offering


EITS Strategic Service offering
Strategic Service Offering

Why it matters                             Change is important                  Analytics & Data reuse is key

why you need EITS
Our Uniqueness

At EITS we do not just dwell on technology, we ensure the technology you adopt supports the big picture.

Working with us
Our promise

Our global presence will give you plenty of room to work with a diverse range of clients nationally and internationally. 

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We welcome partnership from experienced individuals and companies.