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Why it matters:

The proliferation and convergence of digital technologies like SMACIT (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things) has created significant threats and opportunities to established companies. Business leaders must rethink their business strategies and develop what we refer to as a digital strategy.



EITS (Expertise InfoTech Services Ltd) shows four keys to successfully defining and executing a digital strategy that supports business excellence:


1. Zeroing in on a customer engagement or digitized solutions strategy to guide the transformation

2. Building operational excellence

3. Creating a powerful digital services backbone to facilitate rapid innovation and responsiveness, and

4. Ensuring on-going organisational redesign


We assist companies in achieving the four key elements through the design of digital strategies that supports SMACIT.  



How we bring it all together

Talk to us about:

*Technology solutions management         

Project Management  (Agile, Waterfall, etc,)

 *Advisory and Consultancy                             

* IT Strategy Development 

*Change Management                                     

* Social Media, E&M-commerce

*User-Experience (UX)                                   

* Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

*IT Road-Mapping,                                         

* Content Management Systems (CMS)

*Cloud Solutions                                             

* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

*Industry 4.0 Foundation                               

 * Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

* Information Assurance                               

 * Security &  GDPR Compliance

*Data Advisory Service                                 

 * Software Development

*Web Technologies                                         

* Business Intelligence

*Digital training                                               

*Business Operating Model Alignment 

Where we hangout

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