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T20 World Cup Cashback Madness (Wed, 20 Oct 2021)
Get an Exclusive 100% Cashback Up to INR 2,500 With 10CRIC when you sign up today and watch the games for free via Live Stream.
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LeoVegas Account Locked: Why & How To Fix (Wed, 20 Oct 2021)
If you have been locked out of your LeoVegas account, you will benefit from reading our guide on why this can happen and how you can fix it.
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What It Means To Hedge A Bet (Tue, 19 Oct 2021)
This article explores the meaning of hedging your bets, how to hedge a bet in an online casino while betting on different sports.
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Dancing with wolves (Fri, 08 Apr 2022)
Last Friday morning I was sitting on a ferry as it headed south in San Francisco Bay. Pete and his two kids occupied seats in front of me, and I followed the line of the hood of his gray sweatshirt hanging in a flop at the back of his neck to the angle of Marlo’s ...
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Always Trying To Work It Out (Mon, 14 Mar 2022)
On Friday afternoon I returned an indigo blue Dodge Ram 1500 Classic to the Alamo Rent A Car just south of St. Louis Lambert International Airport. I wrote about this Hydration Tank last week — you can find it here — and the fact that I have no link to an archive of my writing ...
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All the wrong turns brought me here (Wed, 09 Mar 2022)
Three days ago I flew into St. Louis, Missouri, and after getting settled into my rental car began playing a game of Let’s See How Many Things I Can Inventory in the Next 90 Minutes and How Detailed I Can Be About the Description of These Things Without The Use of A Writing Utensil. I ...
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“Hi, I am the one that needs you.” (Mon, 30 Aug 2021)
ASK A QUESTION I want what you have or at least what you said you had as of May 21, 2021. 43 days of sobriety. I want to know how to do that. Cold turkey? Meetings? Therapist? I just need the timeline. What made you decide? And how many days til I start feeling like I can handle it? How many white-knuckle days ...
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My COVID-19 Experience (with video) (Fri, 20 Mar 2020)
The first thing I’m going to say is that what I am going to describe to you today has nothing to do with any of the news I talked about or teased yesterday while talking to those of you who joined me for Quarantine Book Club (I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED, Y’ALL). Oh, and, yeah. ...
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