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Gift someone the chance at $2 million, when you have this unique puzzle, now just $30 (Fri, 08 Dec 2023)
TL;DR: Is there any greater gift than cash? That's what you gift someone when you present them with the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, a fun game that promises players a monetary prize between $1 to $1 million when they complete it. — Read the rest
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Hemingwrite Traveler, the focus-writing e-ink device, gets a translucent "Ghost" case (Fri, 08 Dec 2023)
I'm fond of the Hemingwrite Traveler's compact clamshell form, similar to classic mini-laptops such as Sony's Picturebook and Vaio P and the NEC Mobilepro. But my God the prices! And its new translucent model is $600. The gadget has an e-ink display and some nice focus-writing software and if that's not enough for you, it is not enough for you. — Read the rest
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You’re the one that I wanted to find (Thu, 06 Apr 2023)
[ MARLO ARCHIVE ] [ LETA ARCHIVE ] On October 8th, 2021 I celebrated six months of sobriety by myself ...
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It isn’t something you forget so easily (Tue, 08 Nov 2022)
Mimi Parker of the band Low died on Saturday night following a battle with ovarian cancer. I recently wrote about ...
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Don’t get sentimental (Mon, 07 Nov 2022)
The following song is the fifth track on OK Computer, an album released by Radiohead 25 years ago. It has ...
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How you wanted it to be (Mon, 31 Oct 2022)
Every Halloween I experience a muscle memory wherein I reach for my camera while gathering a costume for The Original ...
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And I will settle you down (Fri, 28 Oct 2022)
The first true sign of trouble in my parents’ marriage aside from several months of late night quarreling happened in ...
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